Valvuleiros Club

Established in May 1974 by the friends Jose Alves Alquimim (Aquanex), João Itamar Paiva and Joshua Vasconcelos (Aquanex).

These friends, who gathered in May 1974 at the Galeto restaurant in Brás, came up with the idea of organizing meetings and gatherings among friends who belonged to the segment of valves, connections, pipes, flanges, etc.

It was also in December of that very same year of 1974, that the first meeting was held at Grupo Sérgio on Radial Leste Avenue, attended by 17 people. In the following year 36 people were present and nowadays the meetings are attended by almost 200 people. Since 1992, the meetings and gatherings have been organized by our friend Alves Alquimim with the help of Cláudio Vitelozzi.

This portal was created as to estabilish an open communication link between our friends and Clube do Valvuleiro, accepting suggestions and criticism, so that we are able to better organize our gatherings. The gatherings and meetings will be informed at this Portal, and the photos and comments will be posted here as well.

Current collaborators

  • José Alves Alquimim
  • Cláudio Vitelozzi


Rua Pedro Paulo Celestino, 118 CEP: 09950-360 – Diadema/SP -

Fone: (55 11) 4070-5610 - Fax: (55 11) 4070-5611
Rua Pedro Paulo Celestino, 118 - CEP: 09950-360 – Diadema/SP
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